Ordinary Saints

This Lent we are going to explore those characters in the Bible who don't take up more than a sentence or two, perhaps we don't even learn their name but, nevertheless, they made it into scripture. They are in and out in a verse but, when it was their time, they did the Lord’s will. Their acts were not extraordinary. In fact, they simply did the ordinary things you or I might do on any given day.
Through this series I hope that each of us might gain a better understanding of what it means to be a saint in the kingdom of God. It does not mean we are especially holy people. It does not mean we have extraordinary virtue or stamina. It means we have a holy God and, though maybe a simple one, we have a holy calling – to be of service to our God whenever we can, in whatever manner we are asked.
We shall discover it happens in the ordinary moments of life – by carrying someone’s burden a little way down the road, using your money to further a cause, helping a sick friend to get the care they need. 
These are the simple acts of human kindness that have become a part of God’s Holy Word and that I suspect most of you do every day of your life and, when you do them in God’s name, you are a saint.

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