Facts about SPIHN:

*Must be a parent with children who are 18 and under

*Must be drug and alcohol free

*Not have a history of violent crimes

*Must be working or actively looking for work

*Must be willing to help themselves to get their family back on its feet

*More than 70% obtain permanent housing. 63% remain self-sufficient and do not become homeless again.

*Intensive case management by the SPIHN Director and Case Manager assist in housing and job searches and in meeting other needs is provided.

For the weeks of SPIHN, we need volunteers for the following:

-snacks and personal items

-meals for supper (6:00pm)

-evening hosts (interacts with families between 6:30pm-8pm)

-overnight hosts (interacts with families and stays from 8pm-7am)

Get in touch with...

Alan Workman // aworkman@aromacreations.com