The Children's Advocacy Center of Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union Counties (CAC) helps physically and sexually abused children heal and be heard. CAC therapists are trained to talk to children about difficult subjects in a gentle, sensitive way. The goal is to give the child a safe space to open up and share about the abuse. Therapists then work with law enforcement, prosecutors and social services personnel to put offenders behind bars. Children also participate in trauma therapy to work through the abuse and learn life-changing coping skills. Children can be resilient! With the right treatment and supportive caregivers, they can overcome abuse and live happy, fulfilled lives.

The CAC served 703 children during 2015, which is a 3% increase from 2014. They received 561 new referrals in 2015. That's almost a10% increase from 2014.

CAC also offers prevention programs to stop abuse before it starts.  To learn more, visit

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