Sunday School Classes

Bible Alive // Room 2210
An extensive book-by-book study of the Bible

Choir Class // Room 2208
Study and application of Bible texts for daily living (scheduled to accommodate choir members, but open to all)

Christian Perspectives // Room C212
A study of contemporary issues through perspectives of the Bible, Christian faith and life, and the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition

Emmaus // Room 2207
A journey with eyes open towards Jesus, with fellowship, coffee, and a fresh new scripture-based lesson each week

Faith Driven // Room C210
A study for parents of children and youth on the application of the Bible at work and home

Fellowship Class // Room 2201
A scholarly and factual study of selected books of the Bible a mature flair and wisdom

Open Class // Room 2213
Small group discussion of Christian themes in literature

Purnell Class // Purnell Room
Hymns and Bible lesson

Spark // Room 2216
Bible study and relationship building for single and married adults in their 20s and 30s

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