Tuesday, September 25 at 5:15pm

Volunteers please arrive 4:15-5:00.  We will serve dinner at 5:15

We are happy to serve a Mexican inspired meal!

We need the following donations for the meal: Any favorite Mexican Casseroles, Tacos (Hard and Soft Shells, Meat, Cheese/Lettuce/Tomato/Sour Cream), Chips, Salsa, Tea

We appreciate donations (please bring donations to the AIM closet): 

Food: any take home food items such as juice pouches, water bottles, individually wrapped food items, granola bars, and crackers

Hygiene:  shampoo, soap and lotion, tooth paste, deodorant, combs, razors, shaving cream

Other:  toilet paper, band aids, sturdy paper plates, cups, forks

Clothing: for men, women, and children

Other items: blankets, sleeping bags, back packs, and large bags to store their personal items

Get in touch with...

Contact Tina Hamilton, Will DeLaney or Beth Perry // 4thtuesdaysoupkitchen@gmail.com