Sunday Mornings
February 25 - March 18

Because we believe…

You shouldn’t wait until a child understands the word love before you tell her you love her. Parents of toddlers can be overwhelmed, but they still want to tell their children about God. Early childhood is a crucial time for faith development.  

We are offering First Steps in Faith...

to communicate faith concepts that will become part of the way children view themselves, other and the world for the rest of their lives.

to help parents introduce concepts like love, faith and God to small children in fun and interactive ways which fold easily into daily routines.

to help parents talk about faith without adding complexity to already busy lives.

First Steps in Faith...

is a four-week parent/child program which will be offered to 2-year-olds with a parent, grandparent or regular caregiver.  

When: Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:30. Lesson will begin at 10:00, from February 25 - March 18.

Where: Room C104 in the Clark Building

How: By registration only (limited space available) Register below. The deadline is February 20.

Why: Because it’s never too early to teach children about God