Week 1 (December 27-30, 2017)

The chancel was cleared and the floors are protected.

Week 2 (December 31, 2017 - January 6, 2018)

This week, the organ console got disassembled for transport. It will be rebuilt on a platform that can be moved around the new chancel. The organ chamber was sealed with plastic sheeting to protect the pipes from dust during construction. Meanwhile, under the chancel, the electrical was made safe for the work ahead.

The wall in front of the choir has been removed, and deconstruction of the old chancel is well underway. Underneath the chancel, the old air handler is being disassembled and removed.

Week 3 (January 7-13, 2018)

The floor and joists for the chancel were completely removed and the last of the air handler underneath came out as well.

Week 4 (January 14-20, 2018)

Work on the courtyard has begun!

Week 5 (January 21-27, 2018)

Underground plumbing for drainage and for the new fountain went into the courtyard. The white box in the middle of the courtyard is the underground portion of the new fountain. The cinder block enclosure is a drainage junction. Thursday was an exciting day as a crane dropped a small front-end loader into the courtyard and, through the day, lifted the old pavers, sand, and dirt out over the building!

In the Sanctuary, the new duct work is being installed under the chancel and framing for the new floors has begun.

Week 6 (January 28-February 3, 2018)

Week 7 (February 4-10, 2018)

Stone pavers have gone in around the courtyard and work has in the Sanctuary has primarily shifted to the duct-work, air handler, and electrical below the chancel.

Week 8 (February 11-17, 2018)

Work on the reception area has begun! In the courtyard brick pavers are going in. In the Sanctuary, work continues under the chancel.

Week 9 (February 18-24, 2018)

In the Sanctuary, the choir risers have been framed and the subfloors are going in. Underneath the chancel ductwork is still being assembled.

In the courtyard, the stone pavers have been grouted and the gaps around the brick pavers filled with sand. The cutouts for the stone inlaid quatrefoils have been roughed out. So expect to see that inlay going in before too long

In the interior gathering spaces, work has begun on the reception area and parlor. Two small closets between the reception area and parlor have been removed, new doors have been framed, and preparations for a new ceiling in the reception area have been made.

Week 10 (February 25-March 3, 2018)

The lower portion of the chancel is taking shape as work continues on the upper chancel. One of the removable walls in front of the choir was brought in to test its fit. In the balcony, work on the new AV booth has begun. Underneath the chancel there is a shiny new air handler in place!

In the courtyard, the stone inlay and borders started going into place.

Week 11 (March 4-10, 2018)

The stone inlay in the courtyard is installed, repairs on a water-damaged wall in the sacristy begin, and new heating and air conditioning is installed for the choir loft.

Week 12 (March 11-17, 2018)

The Courtyard fountain is running! There will still be some tweaks to it over the next few weeks, but it is already a beautiful and serene addition to our Courtyard.

Week 13 (March 18-24, 2018)

A few Weekday School kids are enthralled by the new fountain as work begins on the front facade of the organ box, electrical work happens in the Tower, and the walls and ceiling are installed in the new reception area.

Also this week, the first parts of our new MorningSong sound system were installed. A new mixer will expand our capacity and make things easier for our AV team, personal mixers for each band member will allow them to hear exactly what they need to hear in their in-ear monitors, and an auxiliary mixer for the livestream will allow us to improve that audio without affecting the sound in Fogartie. 

Week 14 (March 25-31, 2018)

Work on the front facade of the organ box has been completed, and electrical has been run for new lighting and other AV upgrades. In the chancel, the hardwood floor is going in.

Week 15 (April 1-7, 2018)

This week saw a planned power outage through parts of the main building as two electrical panels in the basement were replaced. The power outage didn't slow down construction or church programming one bit, though! The bell choir even practiced in the dark second floor with clip on stand lights!

In the Sanctuary, much progress was mad on installing hardwood floors, the front pipes of the organ were removed for refinishing, and audio, video, and lighting upgrades began. In the balcony, the new AV booth will give the team plenty of room to make sure you can see and hear everything, whether you are in the Sanctuary or participating via the livestream. The first of two high-power video projectors is hiding overhead on the first rafter, and is tastefully hidden from view from the pews.

In the new reception area, the walls and ceiling have been installed and painted and the the trim is going up. In the Parlor, preparations have been made to turn a window into an addition door to the newly renovated courtyard.

Week 16 (April 8-14, 2018)

In the Sanctuary, the trim is going on the chancel and the floors are being sanded in preparation for refinishing so that everything will blend perfectly! Overhead, improved lighting is going in to help everyone see clearly both in the Sanctuary and on the livestream.

Week 17 (April 15-21, 2018)

The stained-glass windows got a good cleaning and the floors were stained.

Week 18 (April 22-28, 2018)

The organ console and pipes got reassembled and put back into place, and the chancel furniture brought back in. Lot's of last minute details!

The new reception area and parlor got new carpet and new doors.