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First Presbyterian officers serve as elders and deacons, organized into the Session and the Diaconate. The Session governs the local church; the Diaconate cares for the congregation. Officers serve on a three-year rotation, renewable for one term.

The Session (Elders)


Cathy Bagwell
Colleen Ballance
De Calvert
Kyle Clelland
Celia Cogdell
Cliff Gaubert
Brandt Goodwin
Kim Keith
Whit Kennedy
Tom King
Sanders Lee
Sylvia Spears
Monica Threatt
Linda West
Elizabeth Young


Fran Bagwell
David Beacham
Roy Berry
Leslie Calicutt
Mark Coleman
Mary Dixon
Ken Frick
Mark Hicklin
David Ike
Kay McClure
Nan McDaniel
Kam Neely
Susan Oldham
Carter Smith
Pat Tatham


Bert Barre
David Berry
Jennifer Biber
Mark Cann
Dick Carr
David Cecil
Fred Cumbo
Sally Dover
Emma Harrill
Ann Jones
Stan Lummus
Eric Nease
Richard Strasburger
Winnie Walsh
Lewis White

The Diaconate (Board of Deacons)


Will Adair
Vic Bailey IV
Gail Ballard
Dawn Bingham
Jason Blanton
Steven Blanton
Bill Cummings
Carroll Easterling
John Faris
Rob Hammett
Harriet Ike
Robby Kocisko
Laura Ringo
Mary Tygett
Mac White


Marjorie Appiah
Randy Barre
Budge Bean
Margie Beckett
Randall Chambers
Erin Chastain
Max Hyde
Brenda James
Donna Kennedy
Andy Lancaster
Lisa Lefebvre
Melissa Morehead
Juli Robertson
Joy Shackelford
Brand Stille


Katherine Burns
Harry Clayton
Molly Colbath
Mary Deller
John Donovan
Phillip Glover
Carol Gutman
Marsha Hagins
Anne Hicklin
LeAnne Holcombe
Eunice Knouse
Tommy Rudeen
Denise Stevens
John Tatham
Alan Workman

2016-2017 Committee of the Session

Moderator, Senior Pastor // Dr. Thomas E. Evans

Clerk of Session // Lee Close

Associate Clerk of Session // Nan McDaniel

Treasurer // Wally Barre

Congregational Nominating Committee

Elders: Cathy Bagwell, Chair (17), Kay McClure, Vice-Chair (18), Linda West (17), Dick Carr (19)

Deacons: Harriet Ike (17), Max Hyde (18), Molly Colbath (19)

Ministry of Administration

Mary Dixon, Chair (18)
Winnie Walsh, Vice-Chair (19)
Dick Carr (19)

Whit Kennedy, Chair (17)
Mark Hicklin, Vice-Chair (18)
David Cecil (19)
Kim Keith (17)
Sanders Lee (17)

Emma Harrill, Chair (19)
Lewis White, Vice-Chair (19)

Officer Placement
Mark Coleman, Chair (18)
Mark Cann, Vice-Chair (19)
Sylvia Spears (17)
Mark Hicklin (18)
Linda West (17)

David Beacham, Chair (18)
Cliff Gaubert, Vice-Chair (17)

Cliff Gaubert, Chair (17)
Bert Barre, Vice-Chair (19)
Brandt Goodwin (17)

Endowment Advancement Committee
Brandt Goodwin, Chair (17)
De Calvert, Vice-Chair (17)
Ken Frick (18)
Linda West (17)

Ministry of Worship

Worship Committee
Jennifer Biber, Chair (19)
Sally Dover, Vice-Chair (19)
Celia Cogdell, Sacraments (17)
Elizabeth Young, Sacraments (17)
Tom King, Audio/Visual (17)
Richard Strasburger, Audio/Visual (19)
Roy Berry, Music (18)

Ministry of Music

Music Committee
Roy Berry, Chair (18)
Tom King, Vice-Chair (17)
Fran Bagwell (18)
Colleen Balance (17)

Ministry of Education & Discipleship

Adult Ministry
Mark Cann, Chair (19)
Nan McDaniel, Vice-Chair (18)
David Berry (19)
Winnie Walsh (19)

Children's Ministry
Ann Jones, Chair (19)
Carter Smith, Vice-Chair (18)
Stan Lummus (19)

Ministry of Young Adults

Spark Committee
Kyle Clelland, Chair (17)
Leslie Calicutt, Vice-Chair (18)
Brandt Goodwin (17)

Ministry of Youth

Fred Cumbo, Chair (19)
Monica Threatt, Vice-Chair (17)

Ministry of Mission

Pat Tatham, Chair (18)

Susan Oldham, Chair (18)
Sylvia Spears, Vice-Chair (17)
Roy Berry (18)
David Ike (18)
Stan Lummus (19)
Dick Carr (19)

Kam Neely, Chair (18)
Eric Nease, Vice Chair (19)
Kenny Frick (18)

2016-2017 Committee of the Diaconate

Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and Deacons // Rev. Joanne Hull

Moderator // Randall Chambers

Vice-Moderator // Mac White

Secretary // Margie Beckett

Care Ministry

Mac White, Chair (17)

Mac White, Chair (17)
Juli Robertson (18)

Communion to the Farthest Pew
Joy Shackelford, Chair (18)
Denise Stevens (19)

Meal Ministry
Brenda James, Co-Chair (18)
Laura Ringo, Co-Chair (17)
Katherine Burns (19)

Gail Ballard, Chair (17)
Eunice Knouse (19)

Andy Lancaster (18)
Juli Robertson (18)

Stephen Ministry
John Tatham, Chair (19)
Randy Barre (18)

Support Partners
Carroll Easterling, Co-Chair (17)
Melissa Morehead, Co-Chair (18)

Harriet Ike, Chair (17)
Marsha Hagins (19)
Tommy Rudeen (19)

Engage Ministry

Brand Stille, Chair (18)

Fellowship/Special Events
Marjorie Appiah, Co-Chair (18)
LeAnne Holcombe, Co-Chair (19)
Molly Colbath (19)

Will Adair, Chair (17)
Budge Bean (18)
Dawn Bingham (17)

Vic Bailey, Co-Chair (17)
Bill Cummings, Co-Chair (17)
Alan Workman (19)

JOY Fellowship (Older Adult)
Mary Deller, Chair (16)
Anne Hicklin (18)

Harry Clayton, Co-Chair (19)
Brand Stille, Co-Chair (18)

Wednesdays at First
Rob Hammett, Co-Chair (17)
Andy Lancaster, Co-Chair (18)
John Faris (17)
Carol Gutman (19)

Connect Ministry

Jason Blanton, Chair (17)

Visitor Follow-up
Mary Tygett, Chair (17)
Steven Blanton (17)
Erin Chastain (18)

Donna Kennedy, Chair (18)
Margie Beckett (18)
Robbie Kocisko (17)

Welcome Class
Jason Blanton, Chair (17)
Phillip Glover (19)
Vic Bailey (17)

Worship Greeters
John Donovan, Co-Chair (19)
Max Hyde, Co-Chair (18)
Lisa Lefebvre (18)

Strategic Plan

We have prayed and pondered God's plan for our church's future. Over 900 congregation members participated in our church-wide survey to develop our Strategic Plan.

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