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Weekday School

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Weekday School

Week Day School BrochureOur Weekday School program serves children 6 months of age through K4. We offer a thirty-five week pre-school program from late August to mid-May. Our calendar closely follows that of Spartanburg District 7 schools.

Our school hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
We also offer Early Bird and Lunch Bunch

The First Presbyterian Weekday School is guided by a child-centered, Christian philosophy of education. We believe that our first responsibility is to the needs of children – for love, self-respect, and experience with caring teachers. We are committed to providing a positive and secure environment that encourages sharing, honesty, kindness, fair play, tolerance, and good choices. We believe that each child should come to know that God loves him or her unconditionally as a unique creation: a child of God.

Our Philosophy supports program goals designed to develop a child’s full potential – intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. By nurturing we attempt to help children adjust to new situations, to interact with other children and adults in ever-more effective ways, to communicate their developing knowledge and values skillfully and confidently, and to develop a wide-range of physical skills. We believe children should be taught at their level of readiness and in accordance with their needs and interests. In addition, we offer enrichment classes in Spanish, Music, Chapel, Fitness and Art.

Our Philosophy of education holds that children can become more competent and confident while also becoming more excited about life and learning as they grow into better thinkers, doers, and believers. First Presbyterian Church WDS welcomes students of any race, religion, color, and national or ethnic background.

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To check for availability, please contact Moira Scheel
(208-2148 or

For further information please contact the School Office at 208-2148 or 208-2149.
Director:  Moira Scheel

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